Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Taking Pictures

Here are some pictures of some random art/craft supplies that I recently took.

The rusty stapler? Um, not so much...=)

Helpful tip: using a piece of paper makes an excellent background.

Please do not use my pictures without permission.

Have a great day!


Everly Pleasant said...

Hey, those are really cute.
Great work! I love photography, though I sometimes doubt my skill at it.
Everly P.

Karin said...

Awesome photos! I just started my own craft blog, and I really need to learn to take better photos! Thanks for the tip.

Karin said...

Hi again and thanks for the nice comment. Of course I wouldn't mind if you linked to me, I'd be super happy! :) I'll put a link to you in my blogroll too. /K

Erin said...

Awesome photos, Autumn! Very creative! :OD
I was wondering if you would mind me adding this blog to my blog role? :OD