Monday, January 7, 2008

Little Boxes

Have you every noticed that when a gift is given in a pretty or clever way, it is much more appreciated? Well, I love giving gifts AND making them pretty, so I was thrilled when Steph showed me how to make these little boxes. They are perfect for giving little gifts!

Several supplies are needed for making this craft:
A card of any size (blank or used, either way is great!)
a ruler
a pencil
Cut your card in half down the fold in the middle.

Lay your ruler diagonally on the paper. Draw a line against the ruler, in the middle.
Do the same on the other diagonal, so that your marks have made an X. Yes, this step MUST be done. If you skip it, your box will end up very crooked.

Fold every side of your card into the middle of the x, and then unfold it. Every side should be creased now.

Cut the fold on the END of the card down to the fold in the middle. Do this on every side, but be sure to only cut the vertical folds, not the horizontal folds.

Fold the ends that you cut towards each other. Bring the center paper over the overlapped pieces and fold it down over the overlap. Tape in place.
Do the same on the other side.

The bottom of your box is now made. Repeat the whole process with the second half of the card.

The top of the box can be fitted over the bottom. It might be a little snug at first, but it will fit.

These boxes are very versatile. They can be made out of cards, cereal boxes, calendar pages, construction paper, etc. They can be made out of regular printer paper, but they are not very stable.

I hope that my instructions were clear enough, and that you will have fun making them. My 8 year old sister makes them constantly!


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Stacie said...

I love making paper boxes!! They are so easy plus so much fun!!