Monday, January 7, 2008


Hi! I love crocheting. I have been making lots of things over Christmas break. I love making small coin pouches or they can also be used to hold jewerly or small items while going on vacation.

The buttons on the pouches were actually from a knitting kit I have. It is Klutz brand. I highly recommend it for knitting. You can also buy a pack of colorful 200 buttons at Walmart for 88 cents!

To make the pouches I start out with only about 5 chain stiches. Then use the double stitch to make a lil tiny square. Then start going around it and soon it will make a tubular shape. Then when it gets how tall you want it, on one side, keep crocheting and then decrease your stiches until you have only one stich at the bottom of the flap. Tie a knot, and sew on a button and you're done! Sorry my directions are confusing.

I don't own any crocheting books, but you find a variety of them at your local library or book stores. I have seen a book called visual crocheting at a bookstore! I have the visual sewing one, and it is really good. It looks really easy to understand and it has pictures for each steps, and shows how to make several projects!!

I will try to get pictures loaded tomorrow!!!

Happy Crocheting!!!


Kate said...

I LOVE crocheting! I'm about to make a scarf...

Stacie said...

Awesome, Kate!They are really fun to make!