Friday, March 5, 2010

Chapstick Holders

I was inspired by these...and so I made up my own pattern to share with you!

Chain 6. Slip stitch together. Single crochet in each stitch around (only 1 time around), increasing in each stitch. Single crochet in each stitch around, without increasing, until holder is as tall as a tube of chapstick. Turn holder around, and crochet 4 stitches back over what you just crocheted. *Chain 1, sc 4 st. across.* Repeat * for 6 rows. Chain 4 and slip stitch to end of row. This is your buttonhole. Secure, and tie off yarn. Sew a coordinating button to the front of your holder so that the buttonhole will fit securely over it. Add a keychain ring to the top side, and you are finished!

These are handy for putting on a key ring, so your chapstick doesn't get lost in the bottom of your purse!


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