Sunday, January 18, 2009

Long Knitting Needles

Last year, in my stocking for Christmas, I received a pair of long knitting needles.

But I lost them somehow.And I spent the whole year knitting with short knitting needles.

And that was very sad.

So sad in fact, that I hardly did any knitting. I mostly crocheted.

But this year....
My little brother Collin gave me a new pair for Christmas.


Now I need to knit something.

Maybe some little baby socks....



Julie's Journal said...

That would be cute!! Olivia has some instructions to knit socks so when I get better at knitting I might try!

Olivia said...

Hurrah for new needles! I will probobly post some pictures of what I knit... expect some little practice pieces, no scarfs!

joy michelle said...

Congrats on the new needles! I tend to misplace mine all the time as well... But hey, all that crocheting you did inspired me to learn, and I have now finished my first hat. Whoo! I love how much quicker it is than knitting.


Elisabeth said...

Can't wait to see the projects you make with them! :)