Thursday, October 23, 2008

Birthday Cake

My mom's birthday was October 16th. Here are pictures of the cake I made for her. It looked cuter in person.

Mac decorates cakes at Dairy Queen, so I let him write on the top..."Happy Birthday Mommy-o!"

I used buttercream icing. I used cookies cutters for the leaves and acorns. If you just lightly press down on the icing, it leaves the outline of your shape, and you can fill it in with a star tip.

For the veins on the leaves, I just piped icing on top of the star tipped leaves, until I got the right look.
My border needed some help. But all in all, I was pleased with the way it turned out.



Everly Pleasant said...

Very impressive and seemingly scrumptious!

Kate said...

That is soo cute!!!!! :O)

Julie's Journal said...

That cake is very fancy and pretty! I like to decorate cakes, but I can't do it that good!

The Heritage Sisters said...

Wow! You are very talented! :)