Sunday, June 22, 2008

Using Old T-Shirts

In my family, we always have t-shirts that we never wear. Do you ever wish that you could actually use them for something? Well, if you crochet or knit, then here is a great way to make your own yarn from them.
Start by choosing an old t-shirt that you never wear. This shirt has seams going up the sides.

Cut the hem off of the bottom of your shirt.

Cut the shirt open on the sides.

Start should make your strips at least 1/4 inch wide. Cut until you get ALMOST to the end of a row.

Start 1/4 inch over from where you had just finished cutting, and start making a new row. There will be a little bump at this point in your yarn, but it is easy enough to crochet around.

Keep cutting until you can't cut any more! Wrap your fabric into a yarn ball, and you are ready to crochet!

If the shirt you are using doesn't have seams going up the sides, simply cut around and around until you can't cut any more!

Have fun!


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joy michelle said...

You cannot imagine how much I love this! I wonder if it could be used to make a rug.