Sunday, April 20, 2008

My Wrap Skirt

I made this wrap skirt yesterday. It was really easy. And fast. It took Simon and Garfunkel's Greatest hits, and 4 songs off of my Monkees CD. (About 2 hours) That is my kind of project!

And it didn't require a pattern. I used directions from the "Sew What! Skirts" book.



Everly Pleasant said...

Hey Autumn,
Thanks for the comment on my blog!
That skirt is adorable. I love Simon and Garfunkel and the Monkees! I know I've seen your profile before but I can't remember where I found the link. Great blog!
Everly Pleasant

Stacie said...

Hey Autumn! I love your skirt that you made. That is a quicky project! It is definitely very groovy! =)

Stasia!♥ I have got to post something soon. I am a horrible blogger...

Erin P. said...

Wow- that's really cool! I've had some trouble with wrap skirts before- as in one I had, I would have to be careful sitting and moving around due to the whole exposure factor!

Lovely fabric!