Thursday, April 10, 2008

Dried Bean Pictures

My mom has always been crafty. One of my favorite crafts from when I was little was making dried bean pictures. She would ask us what kind of picture we wanted to make, outline it on paper with glue, and let us press the beans onto the paper. Boys and girls both love this craft.

What you'll need:
♦ White craft glue
♦ dried beans
♦ a pencil or marker
♦ construction paper

Draw a picture on a piece of paper using your pen or pencil. Outline your picture with glue.

Cover the glue with beans and let dry.

The possibilities of what you can make are endless. Abigail made a flower, Collin made a rocket, and I made a turtle and a smiley face. And...

A heart for Stacie!

I would love to see what you make!



jennifer said...

My Grandmother had these on a really large scale in her house when I was a kid. I remember a rooster made out of beans, and a Peacock made out of colorful gravel and beans.


Stacie said...

How sweet of you to make it for me, AutumN! I drew something for you! lol We think about each other all the time! THanks! I like it. LOL It's really cute! That would be good for babysitting!