Friday, February 15, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

It is a little late for Valentine's now, but if you need an idea for next year, you can try making edible valentines! I made mine with cupcakes!I wrote the names of my family member on them, and on other ones, I wrote things like Be Mine. I am horrible at decorating with icing, but these could be really cute if you were good at it!



jennifer said...

Really Horrible with icing? Are you kidding me? My mouth is watering and I am green with envy. I'm pitching a toddler fit right now...Iwantit! Iwantit! Iwantit! NOW NOW NOW (time out for me!). That is a very sweet idea. I had to make cupcakes for my daughter's class and I didn't even get to eat one...WAH! I am going to look around your craft blog for awhile. I met Stacie (Stasia?) a moment ago. You girls are much more motivated than I was. I am going to show your blog to my almost-12 year old in a bit too! See you later Sweetie! Jen

Stacie said...

Hey Autumn!

Those are beautiful! You're not good with icing? Are you kidding me? I think they are sooooo cute! And yummy looking!

I made cupcakes too for Valentines Day! lol I just didn't decorate them.