Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Pretty Paper

Do you hate how store bought paper is always perfect? I mean, when you buy polka-dot paper, the dots are always perfectly lined up, and nothing is ever random. If you have wrapping woes, brighten up your gifts with some homemade paper!
Starting with plain white paper, here are a few ideas:

•Use rubber stamps to make a pretty design
•Scribble all over it with different colors (trust me, it actually looks very cool)
•Use a needle to pierce patterns in it
•dip the end of a paper towel tube in paint and print circles all over the paper
•Place stickers all over it
The possibilities are endless. If you are out of white paper, newspaper looks very unique too.

This paper was made with rubber stamps.

You can use these same ideas to make note cards!

Don't contain these ideas to Christmas only. Vary them to make paper and cards all year long!


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Kyleian said...

That snowflake paper is really pretty!